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My fashion memories; 1970 - 2000

Published by January 19,2021

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My earliest recollections of fashion in Ghana start in the 1970’s when I loved trying on my cousins’ clothes. Smyly Chinery’s children were a fashionable teen lot, and my other cousins and I haggled for hand me downs from them even though the clothes were many sizes too large. Among the fashion items I inherited from them were a couple of crimplene trousers with five inch waistbands, a four inch wide belt with a kaleidoscope lion buckle and a couple of ‘guarantee’ or ‘platform’ shoes which I stuffed with socks to prevent them slipping off my small feet. My father’s travels ‘overseas’ did not yield the fashion items we craved as children and I was always in awe of my friends 4 inch platform shoes and 24 inch ‘bars’ or bell-bottom trousers, when mine were a pitiable 17 inches. Bigger was better. The Osei-Bonsu brothers, (Sirbones,Crazo and Wazzo) at Roman-Ridge had huge ‘bars’ that swept the ground!

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