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1.400 set braid cord machine will be order
Published by November 07,2016
Center In order to expand the scale of production, increase productivity, to shorten the delivery time and the better satisfied customer demand at 2012, We re-purchase 400set machine based on the 600s...
Huge 5G rollout to see Chinese telecoms take center stage
Published by December 05,2017
Chinese companies are scrambling to gain a lead in therace to commercialize 5G
Welcome visitors to our factory
Published by November 07,2016
This morning, many people from other factory in Chamber of Commerce visit us for our morning meeting. There is Morning Meeting in our sales dept every day, from some games and activities, we ge...
Application of different colors when making velvet gift bags
Published by December 01,2020
Velvet gift bags are very suitable for holding some small items such as jewelry. There are many colors of velvet gift bags. How do you match and print during the production process? There is a lot to ...