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A Good Tutorial to DIY Drawstring Bag

Published by January 19,2021

Have you ever gone to a wedding and gotten a little organza bag full of Jordan almonds (why are they called that?) or possibly rice to throw. I think they are used as well for little gift bags or favors. If you're like me you may have saved your little bag and thought about how to recreate it in a sturdier and cuter fabric. Here is the answer to your wondering, a DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial.

As you look through the photo gallery try to think what size of a bag you will want. You will need:

1, One piece of fabric or satin, other material is also can be.

Width you need plus .5"

Length of fabric you need doubled for back + 5"

If you do two pieces add 2.5" to top and .25" to bottom

2. Thread

3. Two pieces of ribbon each twice the width

If you decide to line and pad it you will need a bit more fabric and batting. When you look at the directions, you will understand.

If you want a HUGE bag, stitch the sides first and then do the 3 horizontal rows of stitching. The smaller bag ends won't fit on the sewing machine that way.

satin drawstring bags

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