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All Kinds of Jewelry Packing Box

Published by January 19,2021
Jewelry or diamond is popular around people and it is a kind of accessories. when wedding it will use for engagement and is a position of a people. And also it could be use ornament and so on. A beautiful luxury diamond need a match packing box. It could use for protect the items and also it could promote the valuable of the Jewelry. Could you think so ? So today let us share all kinds if Jewelry Packing Box.

First One
Material: Paperboard, Art paper with cardboard
In this kind of paper jewelry packing box it could had some commonly shape like Lid and bottom box style, Book shape box style, Display box style. And the first style is most widely use and compare later 2 design it would much simple. For Display jewelry box it would be use in store and it would be MDF because this kind of material will strong than common cardboard. Also for jewelry Packing box the inside will with at tray to put or fix the jewelry. And for the tray there had some different choice for example: velvet foam tray and it could be black or white color tray, Pillow tray and for this it could be leather material or cotton one. And for the tray it will die cut a hole to insert the jewelry.
Of course as for the shape, design and color it could be all customized made
Even on the inside tray and foam tray will be widely use. Like EBAY box
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Second One
Material: Leather cardboard
For Leather jewelry packing box actually for inside tray it could be same as first design. Also for the shape it could be this two just the cover paper change into leather. For leather it could be more luxury. And for this kind of box it is a hinge link top and bottom. This is a special of this box.

Third One
Material: cloth cardboard
For cloth cardboard jewelry packing box it would most use in round ring box
And this kind of box will use for make a proposal. It is small and very convenient to take.
For inside it could be same as others and for this jewelry box it use for ring widely.

Actually for jewelry packing box there just some common one and all of
details we could make base on the customer demands .Of course for more information and box picture please visit us at and we will here to be help and offer us our professional suggestion.

Thanks for all of listening and happy mood day to all of you
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