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Big data reveal interesting fact about Chinese Valentine's Day

Published by January 19,2021

Noone it seems like missing out on any festivals or special days. ChineseValentine's Day, or Qixi, on Aug 28 is destined to raise a wave of excitementacross the country.

Sogou,China's second-biggest search engine, has released a study based on big datarevealing interesting facts about this romantic day.

Thegroup aged 24 to 30 shows the most interest in the festival as this segmentconducted 37 percent of all online searches related to the event.

Surprisingly,the generation born in 2000s is more excited than those born in 1980s who areusually regarded as the main force of the trend.

Speakingof Zoadic signs, Virgos and Scorpions are paying more attention to the festivalthan others, against the common perception that these two signs are indifferentand not good with people.

Topeople who want to take the opportunity of this festival to look for loveencounters, they might want to stay in cosmopolitan cities. The data showspeople in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangdong care for the Valentine's Day themost, followed by Hubei and Fujian.

Immersedin this sweet ambience, what key words people put into their search engine arenot so sweet.

Except"love confession", the No 1 key word, and "having babies"at No 5 in the search engine, "breaking up", "emotionalrecovery" and "cheating" are the other popular key words on thetop. It seems people who are single may not be the only group who will feel abit sad and left out. So will some couples.

Butare those lucky couples enjoying the festive atmosphere? According to the data,people are racking their brains to please their better half. They search forthe date, the present, the custom, the quotes about Qixi, and look for plansonline to express their love.

Allfancy ideas and intense love will finally come down to the earth-- thelocation.

Thehotels, restaurants and amusement parks are still favored by couples as themost popular sites for a date. But when some get creative, they try out newexperience like going to a concert, taking a challenge to escape a room basedon clues or snack crawl in some street.

Asfor the people who are single, they are definitely feeling left out. Majorityof single males, 53 percent, and 37 percent of single females interviewed forthe research said they didn't care whether the dinner is special or deliciousas long as it doesn't leave them hungry.

What'smore, one third of single people hate the idea of watching shows anywhere withcouples.

Speakno more.

Itis not a special day for every one.

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