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China could become the first country to stop using paper money

Published by January 19,2021

Nowadays, mobilepayment platforms such as wechat, Alipay has become more and more popular.Analysts forcasted on July 24 that, as the first country in the world to usepaper money, China is expected to also become the first to stop using papermoney due to the soaring popularity of mobile payment platforms.

Currently, moreChinese consumers are getting used to paying for daily expenses with theirsmartphones instead of cash. Rapid development of online shopping ande-commerce has created a good environment for digital payment consumption inChina.

The mature onlinepayment system makes it possible for Chinese consumers to become the first tostop using paper money in the world, according to analysts.

In China, not onlysupermarkets, but also streetside stalls, shared bicycles, buses, hospital,almost everywhere could pay by mobile payment platforms, you can just bringyour mobile phone to go shopping freely, using a drawstring velvet bag or satinbag to pack your mobile phone is very convenient, welcome to contact us forbags inquiry!

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