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How to Choose Gift for America

Published by January 19,2021
A guest on to USA in the household is generally not necessary gift, bring small gifts such as flowers, wine and handicraft, if don't know what to bring, what can directly ask master needs to take first. If the host insists you don't have to carry things, you can empty dinner, Americans for the guest in the home is more direct, please. But note that the gifts should pay attention to packing. In addition, I heard that the habit of Americans basic is like this. You can choose column list are let owner to choose, to send the shopping small notes together, if the host doesn't like, also can refund or change for yourself. Friends pick a gift to the United States, mainly concentrated in the big festival or when invited. You may be home to an American guests during the Olympics, what are you going to send to your American friends gifts? Let's learn how to give Americans under a gift!

Between Americans give gifts, is multifarious, big to land, real estate, small decorations, tickets, etc. Can be simple, a book, a small handicraft!

Americans traveling all like to take some of the characteristics of local arts and crafts, the vast majority of American people like to put in his home porcelain arts and crafts, such as all kinds of handicrafts, vases, tea sets, etc. Of course, tea, silk in western mind of the Chinese traditional gift always can't go wrong.

American friends married to send what gift? Can send some silk dress, qipao, but must be customized, foreigners is not the same as we figure), embroidery shoes, red Chinese knot, send daughter red wine,packed with a beatiful organza bag(organza bags wholesale)...
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Americans send what birthday gift? Can send Chinese dragon jade, carving delicate and easy to carry, or bending of Tibetan dao, may also send a tennis! Can write on tennis do you want to say to him, is not also a scene in "the prince of tennis" is written to the United States, the dragon YingNai sent a tennis ball with picture of the dragon of the dragon head, I feel very creative, you might as well try! To tell you a little secret! To send his cigarette lighter! Mean is you don't marry! If men give the girl, is the meaning of non-you don't marry!
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