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It is the first snow of 112 years in Cairo, Egypt and the Sphinx is covered with snow

Published by January 19,2021

It is the first snow of 112 years in Cairo, Egypt and the Sphinx is covered with snow

Middle East appear abnormal weather , down thick snow .

A hundred years of snowfall recently swept through Egypt, Israel, Lebanon , Syria and other Middle Eastern countries , causing many traffic gridlock . Subzero temperatures is to make more than 200 million people living in Syria refugees worse.

13th Cairo, Egypt, people woke up and found that the city had been covered with snow . This is the first time in 112 years in Cairo snow , the people who have expressed their shock on social media .

On the same day , the ancient city of Jerusalem, also suffered from a sudden snowstorm . This is the Jerusalem area in 60 years the biggest snowfall . Snow did not stop the pace of devout believers . Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem's Old City , the faithful come to pray in the ice and snow .

Snowfall also bring trouble. Jerusalem regional transport system paralyzed , for which police had sealed the city , limiting traffic into and out of the city . Authorities temporarily set up three emergency centers , treating more than 300 cumulative exposure to cold because people come to visit .

The near Tel Aviv, Israel - Gurion International Airport was forced to close , Egypt near the Mediterranean and the Red Sea port has several important three consecutive days off.

Blizzard snowfall is named " Alex Kesha " brought about by . " Alex Kesha " Since the beginning of the 11th it hit most parts of Lebanon and northern Syria , the temperature dropped to below zero, and brought snow and heavy rainfall .


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