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Mix and match to travel light

Published by January 19,2021

At least two bikinis, a handful of party outfits and something casual for a trip into the city. The clothes needed on vacation could fill an entire closet.

But all this has to go in only one suitcase that ideally should weigh no more than 20 kg? And there's never a guarantee that the weather will be nice, making additional clothing necessary. The way out of this dilemma is to take along no more than two basic colors.



The so-called layered-look offers a place to start when packing. Stylist Birgit Getter of Dusseldorf follows the layered-look rules by packing garments using wholesale organza pouch that can be worn over one another. The outfit can be changed by removing a layer if the temperature rises. A T-shirt and long pants are combined, for example, with a cardigan or a twinset.



"Before noon and in the evening it is usually cooler than in the afternoon and with the layered-look my outfit matches to every time of day," says Getter. What goes into the suitcase depends, of course, on the destination and the nature of the tour.



"For a camp ground the outfit can easily be rustic. Jeans and a pair of long pants, shorts for thin women, bermudas for those who are heavier and two to three tops," says Getter. All this takes up little space. She also recommends taking along a pair of good shoes - sneakers, for example - and a fleece jacket.



A light, transparent tunic is perfect for a walk on the beach or a visit to a hip beach bar. This season the pareo, or wrap-around skirt, is especially popular with flip-flops. Women who stay in a nicer hotel or who want to go out to fine restaurants in the evening should also pack one or two dresses and matching shoes.



"While packing wholesale organza pouch, all pieces should be put together and matched for color," says Getter. Optimally, it should be kept to two basic colors, she advises. Then it's easier to combine the pieces with each other. "For example, the summer colors white and beige go very well with red."



Getter suggests a red top with white pants and a white cardigan, or a red skirt with a white top and white cardigan for optimal style. Blue also can be combined well with white. The result is the especially popular marine look. The basics may be dark.



For men, long pants are essential on a vacation, says Getter.



Depending on the category of the hotel, men should also pack a shirt. A pair of closed shoes should also be packed along with flip flops. They can be slip-ons or sneakers for a trip to the city. This season a shoulder bag is an accessory that belongs with the outfit.



The beach outfit also gets its final touch through accessories. Long chains, bracelets and straw hats should go into the suitcase, says Getter. If there's no room in the luggage, these items can be bought at the destination. Precious jewelry should be left at home "unless there's a visit in a five-star hotel planned."



Getter also recommends jewelry made of natural materials such as wood as opposed to metal, which can get uncomfortably hot against the skin in the sun.




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