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Russian AK-47's father died

Published by January 19,2021

According to the radio station "Voice of Russia" on December 23th, Mikhail Kalashnikov Timofeevich, the world-famous legendary rifle designer, passed away in 23th, at the age of 94 years old. The AK-47 assault rifle he designed modified serving in the armed forces in more than 100 countries at the moment. Kalashnikov known worldwide, is an honorary member of Academy of Sciences and numerous colleges of Russia, America, and China.The legendary submachine gun he designed is known as one of the greatest invention of the twentieth century.
Kalashnikov was born in a peasant family with many children on November 10, 1919. He enlisted in 1938 and served in a tank regiment, in where demonstrating his ability of creation and inventions. In August 1941, he participated in the Great Patriotic War, was seriously wounded in October. During the six-month leave for health reasons, was still Sergeant Kalashnikov submachine guns designed the first model.
In 1944, Kalashnikov invented prototype of multi-charge carbine. In 1947, the multi-charge carbine exceptional performance during the test. Kalashnikov has said, this gun is designed for soldiers like him, which is characterized by simple operation, reliable performance, strong and durable. AK-47 is recognized as the best international experts weapons in the 20th century, was booked in Guinness World Records. AK-47, scattered around the world is more than 150 million currently.
Kalashnikov is the father of automatic weapons, the brand "Kalashnikov rifle," is world-renowned, which is actually ten different types of a series of weapons he designed. Kalashnikov is now a major weapon in Russia's armed forces. Kalashnikov has been actively working hard in his life, remained as Izhevsk machinery manufacturing concern (IZHMASH) designer.
until the last days of his life.


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