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Shropshire party bag company expands

Published by January 19,2021

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Leigh Clarke, who runs Telford-based party bag company Special Additions, has been working with a London based party provider for the last six months which has seen her “posh party bags” enjoyed by youngsters across the UK.


Her message for parents to “ditch the plastic for the fantastic” will now be spread to thousands more as Mrs Clarke has embarked into the wholesale market following the success of her pilot.


She will be selling her organza party bags ready filled with quality items based on different themes to party venues and entertainers in bulk. Mrs Clarke, a mother of two, said: “It was evident whilst chatting that there was a distinct gap in the market for party venues and entertainers to source good quality party bags specifically created to reflect and compliment their parties. “It has been a phenomenal 12 months which has seen my luxury fabric bespoke party bags enjoyed by children across the UK. “Due to the success of the last 12 months I am now expanding the wholesale side of the business to other children’s entertainers and party venues.” Mrs Clarke said she was already in talks with many children’s entertainers, party venues and play barns which would see them buy their own tailored party bags in bulk from her. “After seven years in business I feel my motto ‘ditch the plastic for fantastic’ is really spreading across the UK and that parents no longer need dread their children bringing home useless tat in their party bags that ends up straight in the bin. “Instead our gifts go on to be treasured by the children – and the big kids alike – with the party bag itself recycled and reused in many different guises.” Mrs Clarke added: “The pilot scheme has not only seen my turnover increase but also that of the children’s party company involved as the party bags are such an obvious addition to their services that make life easier for their customers as it’s one less thing to worry about in the planning process.

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