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Robot bartender serves drinks at bar in Las Vegas

Published by January 19,2021

Robot bartenderserves drinks at bar in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, July 9(Xinhua) -- Two robotic arms have replaced bartenders at a bar called TipsyRobot at the Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood Resort, Las Vegas. Itattracts hundreds of guests to try out the new gadget.

Tipsy Robot, whichopened Friday, claimed to be the world's first land-based bar to deploy roboticbartenders. Because similar technologic gadget has been used on Royal Caribbeancruise ships. It has created a brand new experience of ordering and servingdrinks.

"We have somuch talent in this town. However, trends always come from New York," saidRino Armeni, owner of the bar and the chairman of Robotic Innovations who'slived in Las Vegas for almost 30 years. "So my partners and I decided todo something to create a new trend so we can be ahead of time. So, this is agift from us to the city of Las Vegas."

The customers cansimply order their customized drinks with different shots and syrups by tabletsand swipe their credit cards. Then it takes the robots 90 seconds or less toprepare each beverage, even if they need to cut a slice a lemon or lime as agarnish. Once a cocktail is ready, the guest's name will appear on a largescreen. Patrons then scan a QR code that has been sent to their cellphone tocollect their drink. The process is not only quick but also precise. When notbusy making drinks, the robotic arms also "dance" to the music.

At the bar, if itis not convenient for you to carry the cellphone you can put it into a simple design drawstring velvetbag, cotton bag or satin bag, wecan also customize bagwith your unique style, then you can freely enjoy yournight!

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