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Summer camp for children impacted by HIV/AIDS opens in Beijing

Published by January 19,2021

China's first ladyPeng Liyuan and Melinda Gatesattended the opening ceremony of a summer camp forchildren affected by HIV/AIDS in Beijing on Sunday, wearing a red satin ribbonwith pin, which symbolizes hope, concern and support.

Society as a wholeis responsible for supporting children facing difficulties, said Peng, whoseefforts in promoting public health, particularly HIV/AIDS intervention, dateback at least 10 years.

The summer camp"Love in the Sun" is an annual event held by the Chinese Associationof STD and AIDS Prevention and Control. It aims to raise public awareness andallocate more support particularly for children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Peng was appointedas a WHO goodwill ambassador for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in 2011. In China,she became the health ambassador for HIV/AIDS prevention for the Ministry ofHealth in January 2006 and the national ambassador for TB control andprevention in March 2007.

Melinda Gates,co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, signed a cooperationagreement on behalf of the foundation with China's National Health and FamilyPlanning Commission that promotes health efforts for poverty reduction andHIV/AIDS intervention.

Under the agreement,the foundation promised a donation of $16.5 million for China to combat thepoverty and AIDS epidemic.

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