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UK schools to use Shanghai math textbooks

Published by January 19,2021

Studentsin some parts of the United Kingdom will use the same math textbooks pupils inShanghai use from September.

InMarch, Collins Learning and Shanghai Century Publishing Group signed anagreement at the London Book Fair to publish English translations of mathtextbooks used by Shanghai's primary schools.

Collinsnamed the series "Real Shanghai Maths" and plans to promote it in theUK.

Theseries of 36 textbooks have been translated word for word from Chinese exceptthe renminbi symbol, which has been replaced by the pound symbol.

Accordingto an employee of Shanghai Century Publishing Group, this is the first time awhole series of China's primary school textbooks have been introduced intonational education system in a developed country.

Studentsfrom Shanghai have consistently scored well in the Program for InternationalStudent Assessment, a triennial exam of 15-year-old students that helpsevaluate education systems around the world.

Thetextbooks already have been used by the National Centre for Excellence in theTeaching of Mathematics to train British teachers.

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