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17m flower basket placed in Tian'anmen Square ahead of National Day

Published by January 19,2021

17-meter-tall flower basket placed in Beijing's Tian'anmenSquare opened to the public on Monday morning ahead of the National Dayholiday, which begins on Oct 1.

The huge basket, themed "Blessings to China", has beenadorned with fruit for the first time this year.

A 17-meter-tall flower basket placedin Beijing's Tian'anmen Square is open to the public on Sept 25, 2017,ahead of the National Day holiday, which begins on Oct 1.

Our National Day holiday is from Oct 1st- Oct 8th , it is a special day for us and will have a long holiday . in the holiday , wewill have a trip with friends , go back home for accompany parents and so on .

But we still will find time to check our emails , replycustomers

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