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Taiwan resident makes custom heels for cozy beauty

Published by January 19,2021

"Everywoman deserves a great pair of shoes that takes them wherever they want togo."

Theseare the words of Cai Yufeng, a Taiwan resident who has been making comfortablehigh heels for women for the past 20 years.

Caimajored in shoe design at National United University in Taiwan. In 1995, hecame to Dongguan in South China's Guangdong province, and established a companyspecializing in customized high heels.

Asa chief technology officer of the company, his company recorded data onthousands of customers' feet, including length, width, foot circumference andheight requirement for shoes. And in accordance with the data, the companymakes shoe lasts for each particular customer.

"Itis common that a person's two feet differ in length and width, so the moreaccurate the data, the better fit for one's feet," Cai said. In designingthe shoes, he wants to ensure the shoes do not rub people's feet orcut people's heels.

Inorder to let people wear more comfortable shoes, he also designed an aircushion insert in line with principles of human engineering. In regard to theheavier weight load borne by the front part of the foot, his pad has been madein a honeycomb type to relieve fatigue.

Accordingto Cai, a shoemaker in his company can complete a maximum of 10 shoes a day,while one of regular customers has bought 16 pairs of tailor-made shoes in thepast four years.

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