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Application of different colors when making velvet gift bags

Published by January 19,2021

Velvet gift bags are very suitable for holding some small items such as jewelry. There are many colors of velvet gift bags. How do you match and print during the production process? There is a lot to understand.

1. The application of white in the printing and production of velvet gift bags, white is simple, pure and joyful. White is sacred and pure. If any other color is added to the white color, it will affect its purity and make its temperament more reserved.


velvet gift bags


2. The application skills of yellow in velvet gift bags printing production. The yellow disposition is indifferent, lonely, sharp, with the impression of enlarged and restless vision. The yellow handbag is the most delicate of all colors. As long as a small amount of other colors are mixed into pure yellow, its hue and color temperament will change to a greater extent.

3. The application of blue in the printing and production of velvet gift bags. The color of blue is cold and cold, and the temperament is simple and introverted. It is a color that helps the first level of cold speech. If a small amount of red, yellow, black, orange, white and other colors are added to blue, it will not have a superficial influence on the blue's temperament.

4. The application of green in velvet gift bags printing production. Green is a color with two components: yellow and blue. The green color neutralizes the expansion of yellow and the contraction of blue, and eliminates the warmth of yellow and the coldness of blue. This kind of green temperament is the most calm and stable. It is a gentle, gentle, comfortable, full-fledged, and beautiful color.

5. Regarding the application of purple in the printing and production of velvet gift bags, the lightness of purple is the lowest among the colored materials. The low lightness of purple gives a dull and unpredictable feeling.

6. The application skills of velvet gift bags printing and production of red. Red has a warm color, strong temperament and outgoing. It is a very stimulating color to people. Red is easy to attract people's attention, and it is also easy to make people excited, excited, anxious, and over-excited. It is still a color that easily causes people to feel tired when looking at things.

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