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What is the process of custom canvas drawstring bags?

Published by January 19,2021

The use of canvas drawstring bags is becoming more and more popular, and the market demand is also increasing. Merchants have different styles of bags. Customized canvas drawstring bags can play a role in personalization and brand promotion. So, what are the processes for custom canvas drawstring bags?

1. Material selection and preparation

When you need to make a custom canvas drawstring bag, there may not be a particularly clear concept. What kind of canvas is suitable, but you have a budget in mind, about how much to order, and how much is the unit price. According to your budget, how many ounces of the canvas is recommended, how many ounces of fabric and color are determined, and the range of fabric selection has been reduced a lot? The same ounce of the canvas has the distinction of twill and plain weave, stiffness, and fabric. In fact, the vertical and horizontal pulling forces are almost the same.


What is the process of custom canvas drawstring bags?


2. Planting and cutting

After preparing the fabric, the next step is to cut the large roll of fabric into small pieces. Some canvas drawstring bags have a bottom and sides, which are equivalent to a pentagonal shape, and some are bottomless and sideless, with a two-piece structure. According to the specifications, use an automatic cutting machine and a strip cutting machine to cut into small pieces of fabric of our required specifications.

3. Printed patterns

Simple patterns generally use screen printing, which has a lower cost, is widely used, and various technologies are relatively mature.

If it is a complicated printing, thermal transfer printing is required. Pay attention to the clarity and fullness of the text and pattern when printing.

The canvas drawstring bag can clearly highlight the theme and play a role in advertising.

4 sewing thread

Sewing is like sewing clothes. The pieces of fabric are sewn together. The finer and more neat the stitching, the stronger the whole canvas drawstring bag.

5. Packing

The last step is to box and pack. Put the bags in the carton, make sure if you want to pack them individually, and the boxes are not properly attached.

The above is the process of custom canvas drawstring bag. If you have any questions, please consult us.

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