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What are the common materials for custom drawstring bags?

Published by January 19,2021

Drawstring bags are widely used in daily life. Our common ones are jewelry drawstring bags, gift drawstring bags, digital products drawstring bags and so on. Its biggest feature is that the sealing method is very convenient, as long as the two sides (or one side) of the drawstring are gently pulled, the bag mouth is sealed. Many brands require customization when using drawstring bags. So, what are the common materials for custom drawstring bags?


1. Non-woven drawstring bags have the advantages of simple production, good air permeability, low price, and good advertising effects, but the characteristics of non-woven fabrics themselves cause short service life and other characteristics. The price of non-woven drawstring bags is affected by factors such as specifications, fabric weight, printing requirements, rope materials and other factors. They are often used for product packaging such as gift outer packaging and shoe inner packaging.


What are the common materials for custom drawstring bags?


2. Velvet fabric drawstring bag has the characteristics of easy washing, good air permeability, long use time, reusability, and better advertising effect, but the cost of using flannel fabric is relatively high, so it is higher than other material drawstring bags. The price of flannel bag is determined by the thickness of the fabric, printing requirements, specifications, etc. The velvet cloth drawstring pocket is suitable for the packaging of various gifts such as decorations, bracelets, necklaces, rings, jewelry, jade, cosmetics, perfume, aromatherapy, dried flowers, candy, electronics, audio, mobile power supplies, etc.


3. The pvc drawstring bag has the advantages of high transparency, medium price, environmental protection, and good advertising effect. At the same time, the pvc drawstring bag is not resistant to friction and the sassafras is less transparent. The price of pvc drawstring bag is affected by production requirements, bag specifications, styles, printing and other factors. Generally, high-end gift packaging is used.


4. Linen bundle pockets have the characteristics of longer storage time and more reusable times, but linen is more expensive than the above three materials, so the cost of making is high. Because linen is generally harder, it is washed No cotton is convenient. The price of linen bag is also affected by specifications, fabric thickness, printing, etc., and is generally used for high-end wine packaging.

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