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What are the benefits of organza bags?

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  • Published by January 19,2021

    In daily life, organza bags are very common, such as sachets, wedding candy packaging, jewelry packaging, etc., they will all use organza bags. There are many advantages to using organza bags, and there are many types. Get up and find out.


    What are the benefits of organza bags?


    1. The organza bag has excellent electrical properties. Good electrical insulation, PE material has a high volume resistance and high breakdown voltage. It can be used as a power frequency insulating material in a dry environment, and because of its water resistance, it still has good electrical insulation even in a high humidity environment Sex.


    2. PE material is durable and waterproof, so we can put some things that need protection in the PE drawstring bag, such as cosmetics and some electronic products.


    3. The organza bag is corrosion-resistant, very resistant to alkalis and most salt solutions, and also resistant to weak acids, engine oils, gasoline, aromatic compounds, and general solvents, but not resistant to strong acids and oxidants. It can resist the erosion of gasoline, oil, fat, alcohol, weak base, etc. and has good aging resistance.

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