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How to choose a velvet jewelry bag?

Published by January 19,2021

The velvet bag used for jewelry pays attention to the texture of the fabric. How should we choose a good velvet jewelry bag? I believe that many people who have made jewelry know a question, that is if you want to make a custom jewelry flannel bag, which flocking cloth is more suitable?


How to choose a velvet jewelry bag?


The flocking cloth can be divided into non-woven bottom flocking fabric, spun lace bottom flocking fabric, knitted bottom flocking fabric, cotton bottom flocking fabric, silk bottom flocking fabric. If it is used as a jewelry bag, non-woven fabrics and spun lace fabrics are not suitable, because these two substrates are not very tough, easy to break without stretching, and easy to wrinkle, so they are not the first choice. In addition to these two types, there are three types of knitted bottom, cotton bottom, and silk bottom. The flocking fabric of these three substrates can be used as the choice of jewelry bag flannel because these three substrates have good toughness. It can be pulled at will, not easy to break.
But generally, velvet jewelry bag flannel chooses knitted bottom and cotton bottom the most, because jewelry bag flannel has relatively high-quality requirements and good hand feeling requirements, while silk fabric bottom is generally short plush, knitted and cotton bottom can be planted with long plush and Short plush has more choices, no silk, good quality, and can highlight the high-end grade of the product. Therefore, knitted bottom and cotton bottom flocking fabrics are selected by many flannel bags, drawstring bags, and other manufacturers.


Jewelry is a valuable item. Whether it is a jewelry seller or a jewelry buyer, they all want a good velvet jewelry bag to protect their beloved jewelry. Therefore, we must choose the most suitable one when choosing.

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