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What are the benefits of using velvet jewellery pouches?

Published by January 19,2021

The packaging of jewelry is very particular, because jewelry is a valuable item, whether it is to protect the jewelry or to decorate the jewelry, it is very important. And jewelry brands are competing with each other. To stand out, you need to put more effort into packaging. Velvet jewellery pouches can help build brand awareness by increasing the appeal of packaging.


Velvet jewellery pouches is a kind of flexible packaging. It is made of multiple layers of aluminum, plastic and similar product grade materials. These pouches are strong and strong enough to protect items from physical and environmental hazards when transported from one location to another. Here, we understand some advantages of using velvet jewellery pouches for packaging.


What are the benefits of using velvet jewellery pouches?


Environmental protection: velvet jewellery pouches can be reused to store and protect other products. Most velvet jewellery pouches have resealable zipper locks. This increases their convenience and value.


Easy to transport: velvet jewellery pouches are light in weight, which can reduce domestic and international transportation costs.


Biodegradable: Compared with rigid plastic containers, velvet jewellery pouches use much less plastic. Once these velvet jewellery pouches reach the landfill, they are easily degraded.


Velvet jewellery pouches are customizable: velvet jewellery pouches manufacturers can make bags of any shape and size to suit product needs. Logos can be printed on bags: With the advent of rotary gravure printing, clear logos and brand labels can be printed on flannel bags.


Features of high quality velvet jewellery pouches for packaging:
1. Chemical resistance;
2. Tearing resistance;
3. Heat sealing ability;
4. Easy to open;
5. Moisture proof, oxygen and light resistance.

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